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Garún / Bistro Bar

* Garún / Bistro Bar in Hof Cultural & Conference house
Opens 5th April 2022 – restaurant and a café. Open daily from 10.00-18.00. The bistro/bar has a variation of Icelandic classic sweets cakes and breads, Lunch buffet Monday-Friday 11.30-13.30.Catering and bar service in connection to events in the building. Phone: (+354) 6121882 Email:
* Gost Kitchen
Catering service, rent a private chef, Phone: (+354) 6121882 Email:
* Baccalá Bar – Hauganes
A restaurant famous for a variation of fresh fish and baccalá dishes, opening hours from 1st April 11.00-21.00 Phone: (+354) 620-1035 email.