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Akureyri Theater Company

The Akureyri Theater Company is the only professional theater in the country outside of the Reykjavík area. It´s operation is supported by the Municipality of Akureyri based on an agreement with the Ministry of Culture and Education. The history of the theater company itself goes back for over a century but the company became a professional theater in 1973. The Akureyri Theater Company is primarily based at Samkomuhúsið, an exquisite building close to the heart of Akureyri and seats 210 people. Samkomuhúsið is a traditional theater a stage, risings and balcony. The theater department of ATC puts on productions on the stages in Hof-Hamraborg and Hamrar as well. Over the years, theater company projects have included classical Icelandic and foreign plays, new Icelandic and foreign plays, and children´s plays and musicals. The theater department of ATC produces three to seven productions of its own each year and in collaboration with others, in addition to many shorter productions and smaller events. Many new Icelandic productions have premièred at the Akureyri theater and the artists of ATC often work with visionary writers and playwrights who focus on original creative works. Guests of the ATC come from all over the country. Samkomuhúsið continues to be a popular place for a variety of theater trips.

In addition to the production of plays, the Akureyri Theater Company has run a theater school since 2009. Today, the ATC theater department runs the theater school. The school is intended for young people aged 7-16. The ATC theater department collaborates with a number of schools and educational institutions to offer various courses, production of plays and other events.