Kista is a shop on the ground floor in Hof Culture Center. There you can find goods of various kinds, but the stores main attraction is Icelandic design. With a wide range of products to make sure that more people can find something to their liking. Icelandic design is the ideal gift and the staff at Kista will be at your assistance.

Right now Icelandic handicraft and design is booming. Kista is proud to support the development and offering of Icelandic design and emphasis is put on Arctic design from the area.

The owner of the shop is Katrin Káradóttir, she is born and bred here in Akureyri. After having worked in the banking industry for quite many years, she decided to completely turn her life upside down,  leave the bank job, start a business and move back home to Akureyri.

Be welcome in Kista.