Hamraborg is an elegant surrounding for the events held in the hall. 

















Hamraborg is Hof´s main hall, with 510 seats, fixed to a sloping floor in a traditional movie theatre setting. The hall has a state-of-the-art acoustical system, suitable for both electrical and unplugged music.

The stage is 280 m2, with an orchestra pit and is adjustable to the wishes of the user, for example with sound drapery and stage curtains.

The stage can also be used as a Black Box, with seats for 200 people. The guests enter backstage, a curtain closes off the hall and platforms are used to build an audience gallery or a stage.

The acoustic of the hall is very good, adjustable reverberation time and sound distribution as good as it gets. The sound shields on the walls are made from timber and also serve the purpose of sound curtains to dampen reverberation time.

Hamraborg is equipped with a state-of-the-art lighting system, a fog machine, a projector and silver screen. 

The hall is equipped with 21 spars, stage curtains and other equipment available for users in the house.


Seating arrangement of the hall

Seating arrangement Number of guests
Hall 275 guests
Hall and balconies 510 guests
Stage (Black box) 200 guests