All year round there are visual arts shows in Hof. The shows are held in the open spaces of the building.


Hamragil is the life of the building. It is a bright, open space with 14-meter-high ceilings. The walls of Hamragil are made of betong brut and in the same space you will find the restaurant, located on the ground floor, on a bright platform in the south end of the building.


Leyningur is a sort of corner in Hamragil with white walls ideal for hanging visual works of art or sculptures. The space is just under 30 square meters and can be entered through two places.


Naust is a hallway in front of Hamraborg, the building´s main hall. This space is very open and bright with tall ceilings. The walls of Naust are white. It has big windows and glass doors facing south.


Other spaces


It is also possible to put up visual arts shows on the walls of the 2nd floor. There you can also find meeting rooms and offices.