Conference management

ACS´s staff is ready to assist in organizing events, whether the issue is technical or other issues related to coordination and planning.

Equipment available for access in connection to the events in the different and elegant spaces in Hof and Samkomuhúsið:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Access to teleconferencing
  • DVD-player and VCR
  • Computer, projector and screens
  • Installation of acoustical system and lighting as needed and according to circumstances
  • Access to wireless microphones
  • Access to printing, copying, fax machines e.t.c.
  • Access to office facilities
  • Access to small meeting- and work facilities
  • Event recording (sound and/or video)
  • Event registration – phone service
  • Access to catering service
  • Marketing and promotion assistance
  • Assistance in organizing cultural events or entertainment in connection to conferences
  • Overseeing installations and decorations of the spaces an stages (design and production)
  • Coat room service
  • Service connected to make-up, hair-dressing e.t.c.

In addition you can ask for assistance with a number of specialized businesses in town offering assistance with organizing conferences.

Among others:

Ferðaskrifstofa Akureyrar
Tel: 460 0600 e-mail:

Nonni Travel
Tel: 461 1841 e-mail:

Saga Travel
Tel: 558 8888 e-mail:

Viðburðarstofa Norðurlands