Access for people with disabilities

Access for people with disabilities in the Hof Cultural Center is exemplary. In the main hall of Hof there are a number of seats dedicated for persons with reduced mobility. Guests are reminded to notify the staff if they require those seats when purchasing tickets, as the number of those seats are limited.

There are special parking spaces for people with reduced mobility by the main entrance of the building.  Inside the building there is easy access for everyone by an elevator connecting all floors.  All doors in the building are designed for easy access for people with reduced mobility and there are special lavatories in the building for people with reduced mobility.

Sound meshes for people with impaired hearing

People that use hearing aids benefit immensely from a system of sound meshes or a comparable system used to reduce extra sounds and enhance listening. It is possible to use such equipment that sends infrared signals through the air in Hof. The signal goes through a receiver, headphones or a sound loop that functions through the hearing aid. If guests wish to use this equipment please notify the ticket office before the event.